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2012-05-13 16:42:00 by RaxaR

Let me explain something to y'all. All of my "work" is from way back in 2001, it's a time capsule from my early teen years and should all be judged by the standards of back then. Strawberryclock was different and most of you have no idea what I was talking about. I'd love to re-do it all with my current abilities but that is probably not going to happen. Looking back it does all look horrible, but it's a part of my past and I really hope it will still be around in 30 years for me to look back on. Truth be told I still laugh at all of it and love to read the comments. So a great heap of thanks to all the people who have loved and hated my cartoons over the years, all I ever wanted to do was make people laugh and I'm thrilled that I'm still doing that 11 years later.

With gratitude to all who have watched this garbage over the years,